Uw Hfs Agreement

The current contract holder returns to the HfS case after the sublicensing has been concluded. For summer sub-licences, the contract holder must have extended the following year. A messageboard finder is available to students to post available accommodation and assign acquired interest under license/agreement. Contract holders and potential sub-licensed/residents are responsible for finding and agreeing to apply independently of HFS. If you submit your notification at the end of the deadline, you will be charged a fee per day with a late termination. You remain responsible for the outstanding fees until the end of your agreement, regardless of the date you submit your notification or if you move, unless you are allowed to participate in the first out, first in, in which case your room fees will be charged from the date on which a licensed student who is not currently the holder and the contract holder are registered in a room in the 12-month apartments. First outing, first order is based on the check-out data of the students. If you have questions about your housing contract or eviction date, please contact: Accommodation contracts are legal and mandatory documents between you and the UW. It is important to understand that you are responsible for all the provisions of your housing contract. HFS recommends that you read your contract before sending it electronically, as well as contact the Student Services Office if you need help understanding the guidelines.

The current contract holder has not yet filed a notification of termination. Sublicensor: a legitimate student seeking permission from the current contract holder and the HFS to temporarily occupy a room in a dwelling as part of the sublicensing procedure. The intent of the HFS Waiver Request procedure is to provide students with a means of applying for an exemption from the terms of their housing contract or a derogation from HFS guidelines. Exceptions are sometimes granted in situations where a student demonstrates a sudden or recent change in circumstances due to exceptional circumstances beyond his or her control.

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