Horse & Pony – Riding Camp

In Riding Camp, you are on Leaf Island together with other girls who are crazy about horses. You compete in various riding exercises and explore exciting Leaf Island.

When you arrive on Leaf Island, you meet your riding instructor, Theresa, who welcomes you to the island. She shows you the map and where you should ride to in order to take part in your first riding exercise. A red circle on the map shows where the exercise is.

Leaf Island is divided into four areas. Once the game begins, you have access to a limited part of the island. In order to gain access to a new part, you must complete 3 riding exercises. Once you have completed the exercises, a new area opens up and you can then continue with new riding exercises in order to ultimately gain access to the entire island.

There is also scope for other activities outside the riding tracks, such as collecting shells or an exciting treasure hunt.

Developed byDevelopment timeMy contributionOtherTeam Members
Upside Studios ABAbout 6 months3D art (most of it)Unity 2.XOscar Wemmert
Pan VisionLevel design
(Races, challenges and such).
Released 2009Magnus Olsson
Particle effectsMagnus Edsberger
Danny Antivalidis
Kalle Wikstrand
Alva Nachenius
Andreas Nilsson