110% Lumberjack Fantasies


On the 26th of September(2014) all of us at Blast Door sat down for an event that we came to call the Blast Jam. The goal was to create a game over the weekend in a game jam like manner, with the theme selected by drawing a pair of “Cards Against Humanity”. Our cards showed “Giving 110% Lumberjack Fantasies”, which was a very interesting theme.

It’s a split screen competitive third-person action game. The goal being to chop down trees and collect the most logs before the timer runs out.

By chopping down trees and collecting logs your skill as an lumberjack increases. Your swings become faster and your axe grows in power making it easier and faster to chop down even more trees.

Developed byDevelopment timeMy contributionOtherTeam members
Blast Door Interactive AB45hParticle effectsUnity 4.XAdam Politanski
Placeholder artReleased 2014Robin Malm
Game designPCSara Casén
Level designGabriel Lundh
Jesper Nordström