Building Surveyor Service Level Agreement

If the owner or hosting recycler is not just the customer`s customer, you allow us to open an account on your behalf and debit the full amount of the service and all additional services as well as any other amount you must pay under this Agreement. You must pay us the full amount in Australian dollars upon request. If you are late in this agreement, you will have to pay us, upon request, any enforcement costs that we have incurred or that will be spent appropriately in the implementation of this agreement. a. Issuing the building permit b. payment of taxes, charges and taxes, including Council fees or state taxes, for the issuance of building permit c. Filing documents with the appropriate council and the Victorian building authority with respect to the granting of the building permit; d. conduct inspections of buildings covered by the building permit; e. issuing an occupancy permit or a final certificate of control, if necessary. If the contractor or hosting company is an account customer, allow us to debit the total amount of the service and any additional services and other services you must pay under this agreement to your account. We periodically file a statement of accounts with the owner or the hosting company. The contractor or hosting company must pay us the full amount in Australian dollars on the due date set in this account account.

The owner or accommodation can ask you for a refund of the total amount of the service and any additional services. The total amount for the additional service or service is the sum of: If you sign the details, allow us to perform the service. Unless the Construction Act prevents it, we accept your appointment and accept the service. As part of this agreement, we may cede or treat our economic rights or interests in any way we deem appropriate. You agree that we may disclose any information or documents that we believe are necessary for the exercise of this right. Your rights are personal to you and cannot be surrendered. If you would like to know our current fee for the additional service or service, please contact your contractor or accommodation or call us on 03 9544 0544 or email us We may amend this agreement without your consent. If we amend this agreement, we will notify you in writing of the or changes for 7 days.

We can send the message electronically to the email address you have designated and which has been communicated to us. They designate the person (s) referred in detail as the “owner” or the duly accredited representative of the owner, designated as a hosting company within the meaning of this agreement. If there are more than one, each one means each individual and both or more together. You have a sense. We are not liable for losses or damages resulting from a violation by you of a clause in this agreement. The singular contains the plural and vice versa. The titles are simple and have no influence on the interpretation of this agreement. This document represents the whole agreement between you and us.

a. resupply of services; or (b) refund of taxes you paid under this agreement. Some words in this agreement have specific meanings that are explained in 10 below. (a) do not pay fees or other amounts in a timely manner or b. You are violating other requirements of this agreement. An additional service means all the services we require of you, the contractor or required by the construction law, which must be provided in the details of the owner in the field. The details are the appointment details that you call “owner” and that are part of this agreement. 3. Owner/Accommodation Agent to act as an agent You agree to give the contractor or the hosting company as your agent for the purposes of us, the service and any additional service.

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