Anandpur Agreement

After Operation Bluestar, Rajiv Gandhi reached a compromise with Longowal, the Rajiv-Longowal Agreement, on 24 July 1985. The government accepted the requests of Akali Dal, who agreed to withdraw his agitation. The agreement was opposed by several Orthodox Sikh leaders in Punjab and Haryana politicians. Some of his promises could not be kept because of disagreements. Harchand Singh Longowal was assassinated by Sikh fighters opposed to the agreement. [8] Government officials stated that, despite their agreement for the release of suspected Sikh agitators detained in Punjab, they would intensify their patrols in the area to counter any violence. An agreement between Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sikh leaders was rejected today by two Sikh militant groups, and two moderate leaders reportedly called the pact a betrayal of Sikh interests. Some of his promises could not be kept because of disagreements. Harcharan Singh Longowal was assassinated by Sikh fighters opposed to the agreement. Chandigarh: After six years of waiting, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh will sign an agreement to build a cable car between two important religious places: Anandpur Sahib and Naina Devi. Finally, Sikhs in Punjab are expected to exercise even more control, because the new agreement provides for pushing the state`s borders, adding more Sikhs and bringing some Hindus to neighbouring states.

As part of the agreement, the government agreed to increase compensation for those injured in last year`s anti-Sikh riots and to push the borders of Punjab to increase the Sikh population, giving them a greater chance of exercising power. But many other Sikh leaders joined government officials, newspapers and others and hailed the agreement as a precursor to ending the confrontation between Sikhs in Punjab, the northern state where most of them live, and the central government. The meeting also asks the government not to discriminate between Sikhs and Hindu-Harijan in any part of the country, in accordance with the colony. The main plank of Shiromani Akali Dal`s economic program is to share the fruits of national income with the economically weaker parts of society. (a) Chandigarh, originally raised as the capital of Punjab, was to be handed over to Punjab. Shiromani Akali Dal strongly opposes the delimitation of food areas and restrictions on the movement of food grains. The whole country should be the only food area. By law, Gandhi must call elections in Punjab before October 5 or seek a constitutional amendment allowing the central government to extend his rule. A government official said tonight that there are “great prospects” for an election in Punjab this fall.

The Prime Minister`s aides must hope that the elections will bring moderate Sikhs to power and bring stability to the state. . All persons over the age of 65 should receive an old-age pension. Shiromani Akali Dal will arrange for the training of rural and weaker classes and will also provide for the higher education of the most promising students among them. The great meeting of the Shiromani Akali Dal urges the Indian government to make the necessary changes to the following decrees in favour of the agricultural classes, which have been strongly debauched for major national interests: the Shiromani Akali Dal also calls for a rapid diversification of agriculture. Gaps in land reform legislation should be filled, rapid state industrialization should be ensured, credit facilities for medium-sized industries should be strengthened and unemployment benefits should be granted.

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